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Lower Dose 3D Mammography

Over the last 2-3 years there has been a great deal of talk and attention around 3D mammography. We put together this quick guide to help clarify some of the most asked questions we get here at Central Oregon Radiology and Cascade Medical Imaging.

What is a 3D mammography exam?

3D mammography, also known as  breast tomosynthesis is an advanced, clinically proven screening and diagnostic tool designed for early breast cancer detection. During the 3D mammography exam, the X-ray arm sweeps in an arc over your breast, taking multiple low dose images. Then, a computer produces a 3D image of your breast tissue in one millimeter slices, providing greater visibility for your radiologist to see breast detail in a way never before possible. Continue reading “Lower Dose 3D Mammography”

Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, Inventor of Computed Tomography

This week we’re recognizing electrical engineer, and x-ray computed tomography (CT scan) inventor, Sir Godfrey Hounsfield. Hounsfield helped design the first commercially available all-transistor computer made in Great Britain: the EMIDEC 1100 in 1958. Hounsfield invented what is now known as a CT scan machine (x-ray computed tomography) and successfully scanned a live patient in 1971. Hounsfield’s name is also immortalized by the Hounsfield scale, which is a measure of radiodensity used in evaluating CT scans. (source